Two Faced Mouse Masks

  • Two Faced Mouse Masks

Take a close look. One side Micky, one side Minny. If you wish for same one on both sides, please leave a note at checkout.

These are none surgical masks
Masks are made to order.
Made to ages.
Please choose based on age/look of your child.


Mask has space for filter & are made up with elastic & adjustable ear loops

I started making these handmade/homemade cloth face masks as a donation back in March and April and realized that the public needs help too. I am hand-making these masks in a Smoke Free but kid friendly home while we are all SIH. Masks have not been proven to work to contain Covid 19 or any other virus. They are handmade with 2 layers cotton fabric and are to be worn over hospital grade masks-in order to keep those clean. You can also wear it with a filter in the pocket provided.

Masks are washable and made with 100% cotton.